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As a fashion brand, Karl Lagerfeld reflects the distinctive creative vision of its namesake. Karl is an icon in the fashion world, recognised by his dark glasses and starched collars and known for his candid views in addition to his timeless, sophisticated style in ready-to-wear fashion for men and women.

Thanks to a referral from existing high fashion clients, Mood was recommended as the perfect in-store media partner to develop an exclusive soundtrack for Karl Lagerfeld’s boutique locations worldwide.

Mood’s Music Designers created a sound unique to Karl Lagerfeld’s image, which combined a range of notable and unknown artists, with particular attention paid to mood and tempo. The custom soundtrack is now featured in all 20 locations across France, Germany, Austria, the Benelux region, Qatar, China and the UK.

The music complemented the Karl Lagerfeld perfectly, which encouraged another piece of the sensorial puzzle to be applied to a few select stores. Scent is now a prominent feature in London, Berlin and Doha.